About Mo Pathashala

Mo Pathashala Team
About Mo Pathashala

Mo Pathashala as an initiative has been started in the Kumarpur Panchayat of Cuttack District, Odisha during December 2014. It has then been officially supported by PractoMind Solutions LLP from Feb 2016 and now managed by PractoMind Foundation.

Mo Pathashala aims to offer an engaging and active learning model designed to utilize both the conventional and modern learning techniques for the all round development of the student and society at large. We can fully assure the parents and guardians of students that Mo Pathashala is determined to produce young talents who are intellectually expert, physically strong, morally upright, aesthetically sensitive, socially committed and economically self-reliant.

The vision of conquering all frontiers in the field of technical education is being led by Mr. Abhisek Panda, a leading luminary professional in the field of Management, Education and IT who dreamed and planned to set up Mo Pathashala, a premier social institution providing coaching for HSC, CBSE and CHSE students along with Er. Abinash Panda, a Mechanical Engineer and Social Entrepreneur. The noble cause is also supported and promoted by  Green Thinkers Foundation, a leading social organisation of Cuttack, Odisha founded by Abinash.

The first learning center of Mo Pathashala has been established at Kumarpur panchayat of Cuttack (only HSC) where 85+ students were experiencing all the facilities and modern techniques of learning. Now we operate with 5 Centres, 350+ Students, 25+ staffs and aim high to fulfill our mission.

Mo Pathashala Vision

Our vision is to create a quality education system for the overall development of students in Higher Secondary level and to achieve 100% literacy rate.

Mo Pathashala Mission

The mission is to discover, develop, and deliver innovative educational practices that can reach each and every students of Odisha by 2030.