Campus Programs

Mo Pathashala Campus Program
Campus Programs

At Mo Pathashala we provide various courses under our campus programs which consist of various learning centers. We have both Rural Centers and Urban Centers and hence the campus programs differs as per the type of the learning center. The model provides Mo Pathashala more flexibility and adaptability depending on the various environmental factors. 

Mo Pathashala Advantages

  1. Exclusively designed learning model
  2. Individual Classrooms for Every Class
  3. Dedicated Teachers and Staffs
  4. Limited Seats (25 seats in every class)
  5. Fundamental Computer Knowledge
  6. Own branded materials and important question papers
  7. Innovative Teacher-Parent Relationship System
  8. Student Friendly Environment
  9. Extra-Curricular Activities





Our urban campus programs are designed to deliver advanced and innovative learning solutions at the cost of the conventional methods. We aim to create an education system that is modern, affordable and focuses on quick learning leading our students to adapt to the competition quickly. 


  • HSC (Class VI to X)
  • CBSE (Class VIII to X)
  • CHSE (+2 Arts/Commerce Int.)
  • Summer Fundamental Course



Our Rural Learning Centers are exclusively designed to enhance the quality of rural education system at is aimed at maintaining equivalence with the urban educational platforms. We also try to create a holistic environment both for the students and the society through various activities through out the year.


  • HSC (Class VI to X)