Mo Pathashala Scholarships

Mo Pathashal in association with Mo Pathashala Founder's Club announced various scholarship for student having talent in the prospective fields. Our scholarships are aimed at aiding the meritorious and financially backward students and support them to fulfill their small dreams.

  • Scholarship for the top student of each and every class
  • Scholarship for the highest mark holder in HSC, CBSE and CHSE examination
  • Special scholarship for meritorious students of Slum Areas, Childcare Units or Village
  • Free and Discounted Seats (up to 10+ seats) for meritorious needy students
  • Stipend to Poor Meritorious Students (Below Poverty Limit)
  • Special Scholarship for Extra Curricular Activities
  • Special Scholarship up to 15,000/- for those who continuing their higher studies after CHSE (Engineering/Diploma/Pharmacy)